ÉLECTROTHERAPY / MAGNETOTHERAPY : Summary Four steps history 

1/ Charles LAVILLE, France (1877-1959) : Biologist and engineer.

1928 : Book publication « Cancer, dérangement électrique » (Cancer, electrical trouble).

Good health means that cells are electrically charged with ions (negativity).

When disease occurs, cells release most of their negative charge : -60mV/-50mV/-40mV,…

Charles Laville’s work is the origin of bio-electronics.

He designed a device called « Electro-pulsator » which brought extremely small negative charges that repolarise the devient cells.

Good results were obtained in Maison-Alfort (on animals) and in Beaujon Paris Hospital (on people) against cancer.

Dr Chevalier said «  Its action is manifest to all, for body rejuvenation »

Famous Dr Valnet confirmed « Its global effects are seen quickly. Sometimes, there is a surprising improvement of the body, with a relaxation feeling, a well-being, a sleep recovery and some physical and mental faculties improvement. »

As the medical authorities doesn’t like a non-chemical therapy, Charles Laville’s device was lost in history.


2/ Georges LAKHOVSKY, Minsk (1869), New York (1942)


Graduated from engineering studies in Odessa, he went to France in 1894.

He learned physics at Paris Sorbonne and he studied anatomy at the medical faculty in Paris.

In 1929, he publishes « The secret of life. Electricity, radiation and your body ».

With Nicolas Tesla’s help, he designed a device called « Multi Wave Oscillator ».

Leading clinical research in Paris Hospital, he published numerous pictures with patients, before and after treatment.

In New York City Hospital, he obtained great results treating cancer patient. 

At the age of 72, In New York, Lakhovsky was hit by a car on his daily way to work. With very small injuries, he asked to be driven home, but they insisted to drive him to the hospital. There, an unknown man sent him a visit and Lakhovsky died a few hours later. Immediately after his death, the New York City hospital dismantled the « Multi Wave Oscillator » and informed the numerous wainting patients saying « This treatment is no longer available ».

Actually in Europe, a few doctors are still using secretly the MVO with good results.


3/ NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)


20-25 march 1970 San Antonio, Texas, USA, Clarence D and Cone Jr participated to « The Twelfth Annual Science Writer Seminar, American Cancer Society ».


  • They discovered that the Em (Electro Magnetic level), which normally exists in the body is around -70mV for healthy cells. At this level, the cells cannot anormally divide and cannot become cancerous while small negative cells (-10 mV) allowed a maximum division rates.

  • June 1977, the NASA file a patent (US patent N° 4 018 649) :

Summary : A method to control biological cells by including a change in intracellular ionic hierarchy, with potential difference transmembrane (Em) of the cells. The ionic hierarchy may be modified by imposing changes on the relative concentrations of NA+, K+, and CI-, or directly in imposing changes of the physical Em level across cells surface.

These facts totally confirm previous Charles Laville discoveries (1928).


4/ Doctor Jean Sebastien BERGER (France 1944)


Pursuing medical research, he followed Charles Laville, Georges Lakhovsky and NASA discoveries.

1973-1974 : He discovered the matter of magnetic pulse according to different organs in animals and human bodies.

He designed a prototype device called « The Pulsatron ».

2002 : He pubished « L’énergie, l’information et le vivant » (Energy, Information and Living).

2003 : He designed 4 devices :

-AEROBOOSTER : To help curing lung disorders (asthma, bronchitis,…)

-GLYCANDIN : To help curing diabetes type 1 and 2.

-LYMPHO-CARDIO-TONIC : To stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

-KTR : To help in pre-cancer and cancer situation.



Using Charles Laville, Georges Lakovsky, NASA and his own discoveries, he designed a product which able to :

  • Regulate deviant cells and repolarise them with a negative electric power.

  • Inform again deviant cells through specific electromagnetic signals and reinforce psyche. One of them influence the diencephalon.

These devices doesn’t, by any means, produce energies that destroys cells.

European certification n°EN 60601-2-10 : No danger and no side effect.

Since these devices emit soft and low physiological energy, a long term treatment is essential.

Because of reversible effects, several months with daily application are necessary.

This device can be considered as Electric homeopathy.