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EQ, the device that restores your health

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A very innovative and efficient method of rebalancing the energy system with electrical and magnetic impulses that applied to precise frequencies and intensities directly affect the cells, the brain and have a beneficial effect to the human body.

Soft, natural Solution with no side effects.

To help you choose the device that best meets your expectations, the EQ is available in four versions that differ in the composition of the programs

 Diabetes, cancer, respiratory disorders, blood and lymphatic circulation

with the same case for each version.

The EQ was designed for the individual so that he could use it at home, easily without knowledge or training.

EQ is particularly suitable:


- To pre-cancerous or cancerous situations in addition to conventional treatments.

- To the problems of diabetes and its consequences

- Respiratory problems, deficiencies (asthma...). Stimulates oxygenation.

- Venous and lymphatic circulatory problems (paresis...)

EQ, as preventive as curative ...

3MC BIOTECH ENERGY Limited, Room 1507, 15F, Emperor Group Centre, 288 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HONG KONG. China.